Managing , Opportunities , Realizing , Economies - More global holding slogan MORE Global Holding with its subsidiaries Technomedia Plus Holding and Avokato Plus is a group of interrelated companies with headquarters established in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with paid-up capital exceeding Two Millions Bahraini Dinar (BD2,000,000) that utilizes Knowledge Management and Technology to provide to both local and international companies and organizations wide range of Integrated Services and Solutions covering Integrated Management & Consultation Services and Solutions, Information & Consultations Hub via Telecommunications Technology and Solutions, Legal Electronic Encyclopedias, Electronic Magazine, International Mediation & Management Representations, General Trading, Import, Export & Re-Export, Investment in Industrial and Oil & Gas Major Projects The group continuously locates, analyzes and facilitates projects and opportunities in the Middle East, East Europe and Central Asia throughits network of strategic partners. The companies are members in various reputed international organizations and associations which share, facilitate, outsource and provide valuable knowledge and support in various business fields.  The Founder, Chairman and CEO of the group is Hamza Qarooni who has over 18 years of local and international managerial and technical experience out of which 12 years were in management and Oil & Gas related services with Schlumberger, the biggest multinational Oil & Gas Management and technology provider of the world with operations over 100 countries.

Hamza Qarooni has worked in many countries in different continents and traveled to over 50 countries and has strong relations with the officials and expertise of various business fields. The company also utilizes many specialists in different fields who are working as one integrated project management team to provide integrated best fit services and solutions to the industry.

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