Operational Management Services : All levels of Managment , Technical & consultancy support : Establishing , Representations, Restructuring , Developing , Optimization , Cost reduction , Implementation of International Standards and Project Management

Providing Economic , Marketing & Strategic Professional Studies  
Preparation of Bids and Contracts and Technical & Financial Evaluations
Intellectual Property and Trademark Registry


Mediation Services between Foreign & Local Companies

Our group provides all necessary mediations between foreign and local companies through facilitating communications and bridging business views and providing business and technical consultancy services as well as facilitating meetings between foreign and local businessmen in addition to executing contracts including sales and purchases, all in a professional and confidential way to ensure highest profitability.

International Mediation Services in Oil & Gas

We are experts in the field of international mediation in oil, gas and petrochemicals and in the negotiations of various business operations including sales, purchases and closing profitable deals in a short time frame.

Bureau for Promoting Bahrain and Attracting Investors

We invite you to invest in the Kingdom of Bahrain through our bureau that can provide you all the information and consultancy required in all areas of investment, undertake feasibility studies, provide you with the requirements and conditions of the investment, facilitate your investment as well as represent you in front of others.

Promotion of Foreign Products and Services in Bahrain

We invite you to promote your products and services in the Kingdom of Bahrain through our specialized team in marketing and advertising. We provide professional marketing and promotional plans tailored to your products and services and then implement them professionally, to ensure maximum profit with lowest expenses.


General Trading , Import and Export

Based on our well analyzed market vision and our experience in the import and export strategies, we offer you various services in the field of general trading, import and export to increase your profitability margin.

General Trading for all goods in transit (Re-Export )

Through our administrative office in Bahrain we provide various imports and re-export services for all types of goods and products to different countries safely, confidentially and efficiently.

Investment in Major Projects in Oil and Industry

The group provides the necessary financial investments to set up profitable major projects in oil and industry in cooperation with companies, businessmen and investors from various nationalities and contributes financially and operationally to execute these projects and provides various types of support for the development of the projects to continuously achieve highest return in the shortest period possible and with lowest expenses.


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